What to Read and Listen to Before You Start Your Side Hustle or Business

“How do I make money online?” I hear this a lot. It sounds so scammy, but this is how people make their living now.

I also hear lots of complaints from people who simply don’t make enough money at their current job but are scared to leave for various reasons: job security, they don’t have enough money in their savings, they have a family, the list of why this strikes fear in their hearts is endless.

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9 Awesome Ways Get Sh*t Done at Work

I used to equate working long hours with being productive. While I’d put in the hours, I’d still feel frazzled at the end of the day. I felt as if projects weren’t being completed fast enough, and ultimately, my time, focus and energy were all over the place.

I was trapped in the hamster wheel of just trying to stay on top of my day-to-day tasks, and not dedicating enough time to creative, meaningful projects.

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Simple Tricks to Make Your Meetings Useful So You Can Stop Wasting Everyone’s Time

Today I Googled the word “meetings” and just as I would expect, the first few articles that popped up addressed the fact that meetings are problematic. There was an article from Entrepreneur about why “Meetings Are the Worst Rituals. Ever.”

Another one gave tips on how to survive them. Why do we have to learn how to survive meetings? When I think of the word “survive,” I imagine homesteaders in Alaska hunting for deer on horseback, or a naked couple shivering in a cave on some Discovery show, not a meeting at work.

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