2021: A Year of Changes and Adventures

Another year is coming to a close. Here’s a look back on what I accomplished and learned in 2021. This was originally published on ClairesHoliday.com.

It’s hard to believe I started ClairesHoliday.com in 2017. I created this blog mostly for myself— a digital record of my adventures and to mark my progress in life as a human. 

The underlying theme was always growth. This desire for growth stems from my imminent death, which is no longer all that scary, sad, or taboo to think about. It’s a part of life and it sparks my inner flame to do more, be more, and to live each day like it matters. 

My goals are to be better each day, to love myself, continue building strong relationships, and savor the little things that light me up. (Like experiencing the first snowfall of the season in Tahoe! See below pic!)

Photo: Truckee in December 2021. 

Everywhere you go, there you are

I started this blog as it related to my travels, but an adventure doesn’t always mean I need to jump on a plane to go somewhere. I want peace from within and to be happy with where I am, right now. (A trip to a new place is always a bonus of course.)

There’s no running away from myself. No matter how much I wanted it to happen, no exotic country or charming town I visited ever soothed my soul when it was broken.

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