What’s it Like to Work With a Book Coach?

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Alyssa Jarrett and I met at a tech conference many years ago in San Francisco. She and I have very similar professional backgrounds in marketing and content within the tech space. 

We had an incredibly insightful podcast conversation about her experience with a book coach. (Technically, her coach is an editor but also does coaching. To lessen the confusion, I’ll call it coaching.) Alyssa is a wealth of information and my chat with her totally inspired me to get my manuscript in a better place. 

If you’ve ever wanted to hire a book coach, you won’t want to miss our conversation. We talked about:

  • Finding a legit book coach
  • How a coach helps with developmental issues 
  • How is a coach different than an accountability partner from your writing group?
  • Is it crazy expensive to hire a coach and are the costs worth it?  

Listen to the podcast to learn about how Alyssa’s coach helped her push through negative self-talk and get her books ready for publishing.