B2B writing samples

I help tech companies with educating their audience about their products, services, and general industry trends. Here are some samples.

Content Strategy

  • This is an example of how I would rework a B2B blog post with sales executives as the target audience.

Blend: Digital mortgage company

I wrote thought leadership articles around the digital mortgage process while keeping a pulse on industry trends and technology.

AppLovin: Mobile app platform

I wrote guides, case studies, blogs, and thought leadership articles about mobile ads and strategies to optimize performance for more app downloads, user engagement, retention, and more.

KeepTruckin, rebranded as Motive: Fleet management platform

I wrote customer stories and case studies about how they use Motive in their day-to-day to be more efficient, and save time and headaches when it comes to fleet management and logistics.

Adverity: A data platform for businesses to easily automate the connectivity, transformation, and governance of data at scale.

I wrote case studies about how businesses use Adverity to integrate their various marketing performance tools in one place. This helps them make faster, concrete decisions based on facts and numbers to improve their bottom line.

Upstart: AI lending platform that partners with banks and credit unions to provide consumer loans.

I wrote about customer stories and thought leadership articles about how banks can partner with Upstart and use its technology for their customers to apply and get approved for personal loans and auto loans.