I edit for succinctness, tone, and whether the article is cohesive. I will always remove exclamation points.

When you need more than Grammarly.

Want a human editor for your articles? I can help with one-offs or ongoing editing work.

Here’s are things I edit for:

  • Does your argument make sense?
  • Are you solving a problem?
  • Is your lede grabby?
  • Is it interesting?
  • Cost: ~ $100 per hour

How it works:

  • Email me editorclairetak@gmail.com
  • Tell me what you’d like to achieve.
  • We can hop on a quick call to discuss or if it’s straightforward, we can just email (I’m flexible).
  • Turnaround time for edits: ~ 48 hours (depending on length and nature of edits)


As a content creator, I have enjoyed working with Claire. She is a creative and astute strategist and understands what makes content great, and she is able to adjust the definition to reflect whatever industry she’s working in at the moment. Some of her greatest strengths are in project management. I’ve seen her manage a mountain of freelancers, contractors and contributors toward a campaign goal, all while keeping deadlines on track and work moving forward. She’s also very consistent (my team has remarked more than once that Claire’s expectations are clear and understood).—Kimberly Rotter, Chief Relationships Officer at An Army of Writers

I first started working closely with Claire on producing educational and product-focused webinars for both customers and prospects. Claire owns the content within the marketing team and maintains a well-oiled machine of strategy, management, and execution. She wears many hats within the content side and does everything from writing to editing and makes sure SEO keywords are being addressed. She has a positive, can-do attitude!—Chelsea Olson, Customer SErvice Marketing Manager at Service Titan

“Claire is intelligent, easy to work with, and accountable. She built, scaled, and led an impressive content marketing program at KeepTruckin that made significant contributions across brand, lead gen, and SEO. I strongly recommend Claire for any content marketing leadership position.”—Austin Schmidt, Director of Performance Marketing at Netradyne

I managed Claire for two years at Credit Sesame and also worked with her as she started her business. Claire is an attainer, always striving to get the job done and consistently following through. Claire was the key player on the team when it came to getting Credit Sesame mentioned in top news publications such as Forbes, Bloomberg, Time, and many others. If you are looking to work with a strong team player who is an expert in content creation and PR, Claire is a great choice!—Stacy Wakefield, VP of Marketing at Delphia

I had the pleasure to meet Claire at a San Francisco women’s tech event in 2017. I have not worked with her directly, but I wanted to leave a recommendation because of my experience getting to know her personally. Claire served as my informal mentor when I made a transition from the social sector to working at LinkedIn. She guided me through the career change and offered actionable insights. Claire values relationships and helping others and would be a valuable member to any team!—Sarah Thompson, Product at LinkedIn