Why, hello.

I write, create content strategy, and connect with people. I help bring order to the chaos and inspire intent for those who have an idea to share with the world.

I help create compelling content for small companies, startups and personal brands from the idea phase to creation and execution.

My Background

I am a content marketing strategist and writer with a specialty in editorial, data-driven content in the personal finance industry.

I worked as chief editor and head of content for two personal finance tech companies in New York and San Francisco and recently worked as a content strategist for Wells Fargo’s digital experience team.

Before personal finance, I was in digital entertainment. I was a web producer and writer for long-running celebrity TV show “Extra,” and also worked as an editorial web producer for Anderson Cooper in New York City.

I started my own company to help other businesses and entrepreneurs grow their digital presence by creating compelling content.

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I also travel and write.