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I’ve read hundreds if not thousands of “About Me, About Us, About Our Company” pages. More often than not, I’m still left not quite understanding what they’re all about. Kinda defeats the whole purpose of having that page, doncha think?

I rewrote my “About me” page to hopefully give you a better idea of who I am and what I’m all about. It’s the reason I deleted the professional-looking photo of me and replaced it with a recent one of me at Copper Mountain in Colorado.

Over the years, I realized that personal stuff bleeds into work life and vice versa. In other words, I try to be a good person, embrace a growth mindset, and build lasting relationships with people I really care about in my life. I see my work life and working with clients in the same way.

I gravitate towards the work I enjoy, like interviewing people for case studies but also want to team up with delightful folks to do it with.

I’m grateful to have collaborated with some of the coolest tech companies in Silicon Valley. I’ve met lifelong friends along the way, which, to me, was the best part of it all. I also continue to work with some of the same clients that hired me as a freelance newbie almost 6 years ago—some, of which I’ve never even met in person! Guess that’s nothing new these days.

I’m lucky to be able to do the work and live my life in a way that brings me a lot of joy and satisfaction. I live in Hawaii, which makes me feel semi-retired already (haha) and snowboard in the winter, camp in warmer months… all the while working on my laptop in between. So, that’s my life and work life in a nutshell.

On to the buttoned-up, professional stuff…

My work background

I’m a content strategist, editor, and writer with a specialty in writing B2B and B2C thought leadership and educational content in FinTech.

My experience includes being a manager (individual contributor) and running my own department (as chief editor and head of content) for tech companies based in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

I also consulted for a number of tech startups when I was freelancing. (I’m back to full-time freelance work, so feel free to reach out if you think I may be able to help you.)

In 2021, I was lucky enough to experience my first IPO at AppLovin.

Before personal finance, I worked in television. I was a web producer and writer for the long-running celebrity show “Extra” and an editorial web producer for Anderson Cooper in New York City.