A Year of Solopreneurin’ It: What I Imagined vs. The Reality

My, how time flies! I almost can’t believe I’ve been solopreneuring it for a year now. I started my company last year because I wanted more flexibility and autonomy over my daily routine. I also wanted to make travel a big part of my life, which is why I went on an adventure once a month for the entire year (fueling the flames for my travel blog, ClairesHoliday.com).

I’ve passed the one-year mark and I’ve learned so much about what it takes to hustle, work with an ever-rotating number of teams and companies, face uncertainty, stress, a daily structure, and sometimes, loneliness.

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3 Biggest Takeaways from Every Single Job Rejection I’ve Faced

Sometimes, rejection forces you to see things about yourself — the ugly, insecure, weak parts you normally try to improve but not to focus on.

The biggest career lessons I’ve learned was through rejection and lots of it. My 20something, thin-skinned self would’ve hated talking about rejection because it highlights failures and inadequacies, but today’s me has learned to do a shoulder shrug and move on.

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What to Read and Listen to Before You Start Your Side Hustle or Business

“How do I make money online?” I hear this a lot. It sounds so scammy, but this is how people make their living now.

I also hear lots of complaints from people who simply don’t make enough money at their current job but are scared to leave for various reasons: job security, they don’t have enough money in their savings, they have a family, the list of why this strikes fear in their hearts is endless.

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