Can We Talk About Me?

Recently, I was in the crosshairs of a first-date situation at a local wine bar.

You know when you’re sitting a little too close to the people next to you because it’s crowded and you end up listening to their conversation without really meaning to? Guilty.

So let’s set the scene. They’re seated at the bar, the guy looks like he’s in his mid-thirties and the girl maybe slightly younger. They could’ve passed for boyfriend-girlfriend and actually didn’t look bad sitting together. The wine and cocktails flowed… unfortunately, their conversation did not.

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Life Is Good: Time to Downsize

My article was originally published on I’m in their influencer network — Smart Money Squad.

I’ve always been fascinated by minimalism and simplifying. On a recent trip, I picked up Cait Flanders’ memoir, “The Year of Less,” and devoured it in a day. In the book, Flanders recounts her journey to get rid of things she no longer wanted or needed, to stop shopping, pay off her debt and save more than half her paycheck each month.

I was utterly inspired to live with less and save more. I was reminded that saving money isn’t about how much you earn, but how much you keep. I knew I needed to be more strategic and intentional with saving money and make it an integral part of my life.

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