Simple Tricks to Make Your Meetings Useful So You Can Stop Wasting Everyone’s Time

Today I Googled the word “meetings” and just as I would expect, the first few articles that popped up addressed the fact that meetings are problematic. There was an article from Entrepreneur about why “Meetings Are the Worst Rituals. Ever.”

Another one gave tips on how to survive them. Why do we have to learn how to survive meetings? When I think of the word “survive,” I imagine homesteaders in Alaska hunting for deer on horseback, or a naked couple shivering in a cave on some Discovery show, not a meeting at work.

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5 Work Hacks to Give You More Time to Build Your Business

Note: These were the beginnings of my productivity hack research. I started with small, actionable moves I could make, before diving deeper. Since this time in my life, I’ve learned so much more about how to be productive, efficient with time and just get it done. More to come on that… 

Back in 2012, I was working 60-hour plus weeks at a very demanding job in the entertainment industry while at the same time, starting my online side business of selling vintage clothing. Because of the long hours, I had very little time for myself, much less my business.

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